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Birmingham Pressure Wash is an Expert level, Surface Cleaning Company. With over 20 years of experience we are masters at it.

We do both Residential & Commercial surface cleaning including: Concrete, Brick, Metal, Vinyl, Glass, Wood, Stucco etc.

We are a Commercially Licensed & Insured, highly trained Professional Pressure Washing Company. We have $1,000,000 of Pressure Washing Specific Insurance that covers all of our work activities incl. employees. Many Companies are not Insured at all some Companies carry Gen Liability (Gen liability Insurance does not cover Pressure Washing).

Cleaning Height: We have Residential ladder & full scaffolding systems (up to 3 stories). We have man lifts for cleaning exterior structures & Commercial properties up to 70′ in height.

Concrete Cleaning: We use State of the Art, 4400 PSI Industrial Surface Cleaners on all Concrete including Parking lots, Sidewalks, Driveways & Patios.

Steam Cleaning: Detergent Steam Cleaning is available upon request.

Industrial: We can Professionally clean almost any type of Industrial, Transportation & Heavy Equipment. 

Type & Size: We can handle almost any type & size of Property including College Campuses.

Property Maintenance: We also do Property Maintenance. If we can help you in any way or you would like a Free Pressure Washing or Surface Cleaning Estimate please call us @ (205) 518-4786 or fill out our Contact Page.